Impossible goal…actually impossible with what I’m charging

I’m having a hard time with this thought: My impossible money goal for this year is actually impossible given what I’m charging.

My goal is £40,000. I’m charging £550 for my current coaching package. My brain wants to go to ‘how’ and figure out the number of clients/month. The “solution” it’s giving me is that I would need to be charging £2000.

I’m sure I’ll be raising my prices throughout the year at some stage, but charging that much seems beyond me at the minute.

I understand that “it’s actually impossible given what I’m charging” is only a thought.
F = defeated
A = indulge, buffer, inaction
R = Don’t achieve my goal

I’m trying to help myself believe that it’s not impossible, (although I guess that is the point of an impossible goal) but I’m really getting stuck on the how.