Impossible Goal: Am I making my 25 fails too big?

My impossible goal for 2021 is to earn $100k in a business I have barely started… So far I’ve earned $20 in this business.

I’m six fails into my list of twenty five for the first quarter and I’m starting to feel like this list already contains more than enough work for a quarter, especially given that I have another business and a part-time job, and that doesn’t feel like following the principle of constraint very well. So far my list is:

Build email list to 1000 people.
Build Facebook page to 1000 likes.
Build Facebook group to 500 members.
Teach a 3-month long series of in-person workshops that earns $1k.
Teach same series in a different location and also earn $1k.
Teach one day of “special topics” workshops that earns $1k. (This would be for more advanced students.)

When I think about the effort and time attempting all of this will take, I don’t feel overwhelmed by it, but I do feel like there just isn’t realistically space for 19 more fails of this size on my list unless I’m going to fail at most of them by not getting to them. So, should I be splitting these into their ingredients somehow?

For example, splitting “build email list to 1000 subscribers” into pieces like “create a lead magnet that gets downloaded 100 times”, “write and send an email to the list every week this quarter”, “maintain such and such open rate”… (I haven’t built an email list before, so I’m not even sure what all the steps are YET.)

If I break the pieces up small enough, they no longer feel like probable failures. If I leave them as big as they are, I don’t see how I will have time to give them all the time and attention they will need to be worthy fails. So… my brain is telling me obviously there is a middle-ground. And maybe I will know when I’ve found it because I will have a list of 25 things that seem most likely to fail AND I feel like I can realistically give them all a good effort within a quarter?

Thoughts? Am I on the right track?