Impossible goal/fails help

Hi Brooke,
My impossible goal is to go from making $150k/year in business communications training/writing to $240K in 2018. The sole purpose of this is to create funds for launching a coaching business at the end of 2018 (including the cost of your coach training and some start-up marketing funds). My plan for 2019 and beyond is to continue my business communications work until I can build up my coaching business to replace/exceed the bus communications income.

Right now I have an ongoing writing gig with a large consulting firm that pays me about $100K/year and I subcontract as a business trainer for a communications training firm for about $50K/year. The writing gig is nice but is something I could do in my sleep at this point, as I have been doing it for 14 years. There is no room for growth in that gig, although I could potentially seek out other, additional roles at that firm (the hourly rate there is $120).

I see the most opportunity for 2018 income growth in the training side of my business, and that could go in one of two directions: Option 1) creating my own content and selling training and communications coaching programs or Option 2) getting more subcontracting income by establishing relationships with more training firms.

I have been self employed and doing this work for 20 years now and have gotten all of my work via referral. I don’t even have a website. So marketing is not something have done much of at all. Yet my results with clients prove again and again that I am very good and add value.

So here’s what I’m trying to figure out. Given that I want to begin building a coaching business in a year, does it make sense to do all the work Option 1 requires—program creation (lots of materials required), marketing, marketing, marketing? OR does it make more sense to focus on Option 2, marketing myself as a subcontractor to additional training firms, and increase my income that way? If I went with Option 2 and got my current daily rate ($1,600) for training, I would need to get only 5 additional training days per month to meet my goal.

I think Option 2 might make more sense but I’m having a hard time coming up with 25 epic fails per quarter for that. Also, am wondering if I should pick Option 1 just because it seems even harder/more impossible? I get the value of failing and want to get awesome at failing, but choosing what’s hard for the sake of it being hard over actions that are more likely to achieve results seems counterproductive. Am I right about that?

Thanks for your help!