Impossible goal happening NOW

I wanted to share that Pat and I decided that we should work on my impossible 2018 goal now so that I can work on my professional impossible goal next year (with the skills I am learning/ getting now).

It’s been fascinating, Brooke. And Pat (my SCS coach), I love you for it!

The impossible goal is to weigh 112lbs, a number I have never seen as an adult. I usually hover around 120-122. The September work took me to 115-116 which was mind-blowing.

So, I don’t have much to go, but that’s why it seemed impossible to me. I have to be someone else to get down there.

And it’s starting to happen… 114 this morning!

I CAN do hard things! And SCS is showing me how.

I will report back when 112 happens, before the end of the year!