Impossible Goal: Models about sharing with others

This morning I am working on a pair of models targeted at the two possible actions of “keep this to myself” and “share easily that my goal is for this business to become my primary income.”

C: Goal to make 100k teaching dog agility
T: Who am I to think I can do this better than other, more experienced people in the field?
F: Embarrassed
A: Keep it to myself. Fail to utilize potentially valuable connections. Try to share my content without some people finding out about it.
R: Block many potential opportunities and make success difficult.

C: Goal to make 100k teaching dog agility
T: I’m not better than anyone else; I’m just on a different journey.
F: Worthy (???)
A: Share easily that my goal is to make teaching agility my primary income. (But I would still probably hesitate to actually use the number 100k…) Be willing to have the content I release seen by anyone.
R: Increased comfort with this identity makes it easier to bring to fruition = success.

It took my a lot of work to get these to this point. To try to pin down the thought about this that was making me feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about sharing it. And I have all those question marks in model two after “worthy” because I find that feeling challenging to claim… and I’m not sure if the T there actually creates it? Perhaps because I’m not really confident I’d actually recognize “worthy” if I felt it… clearly something I need to try on and really explore.

Ok, I’m going to stop here because I know there is a lot in what I’ve already written and I can’t wait to get your insight to help me take this deeper/further, coaches! Thank you so much in advance!