Impossible Goal. Money or clients?

2 weeks ago, I set an impossible goal to make $4,000 by July 31st.

I offer a 6-month coaching program at $2,000.

That would technically be 2 clients to buy the program by 7/31.

Except, I offer a payment plan at $350/mo for 6 months.

Let’s say I do onboard 2 clients into the program, but one or both of them decide to do the payment plan.

Even if they purchased today (5/25), they’d make the payments for 3 months before the goal date, grossing $2,100 instead of my goal of $4,000.

I guess I’m trying to decide if I should adjust my goal to be “onboard 2 clients into the program by 7/31” or keep the revenue goal at $4,000 by 7/31 and:

Either not offer the payment plan
Onboard 4 clients (assuming they all do the payment plan @ 350/mo) which would technically gross me $4,200, but be more challenging to onboard 4 clients instead of 2.

My brain wants to think onboarding 4 clients is harder than just 2.

My priority right now is to make money to fuel the business because I need the cash flow.

However, I also recognize that over the course of the clients’ payments, I technically end up grossing more in the long run even if I stick with the same impossible goal and let the 2 clients do the payment plans.

I guess I’ve decided I’m confused, and I’d love some advice or guidance. Thanks coaches!!!