Impossible goal: Q1’s 25 fails: are they results oriented

My impossible goal for 2020 is to make $100k in my coaching business (I made about $5k last year). I want to combine my marketing with speaking and teaching workshops (either on-site or online). I also want to get clear on the content for a program, which I will use for webinars and speaking.

I have already cut down some activities in the name of constraint. Do you think that the following list is constrained enough? It seems doable to me but I have a habit of over-committing!

Q1- 25 FAILS
Coaching: 1-2 entrepreneur beta clients
Pitch: on-site small biz workshop to ARNetworking
Pitch: to speak to 5 groups
Pitch: on-site workshop to 3 biz
Speaking: Join speakers group and go 2x/month
Speaking: Speak for non-profit group
Speaking: for organization in March
Workshop: Teach & cater YTT (I’m already doing this)
Workshop: for entrepreneurs – off-site
Workshop: deliver one on-site business training
Marketing: Webinar #1
Marketing: Webinar #2
Marketing: Webinar #3
Marketing: FaceBook/MailChimp, January offer (1 client)
Marketing: FB/MC, Feb offer (1 client)
Marketing: FB/MC, March offer (1 client)
Marketing: FB challenge #1
Marketing: FB challenge #2
Marketing: article for online networking group 2x/month
Marketing: 1 newsletter per week
Marketing: change FB page to focus on niche
Marketing: 2x FB lives/week
Marketing: niche: unify yoga/entrepreneur messaging around wellness, transformation & success
Marketing: read Business Casual Yogi and extract 3 takeaways
Marketing: Generate 4 consults per month