Impossible goal setting

My retail business has 4 locations, and in August will open its 5th store. All are profitable and I expect the 5th will also do well. I have a business plan to have 16 stores by the end of 2021. I’m excited by the plan but when I listen to Brooke speak about her $100 million a year goal, I have to acknowledge to myself that although others see my goal as amazing, I am playing it safe. I can do more and would love to. My question is: in the face of a goal that is already seen as daunting by many, how does one just go right out on a limb and commit to a truly “impossible” one? And how can it be impossible if Brooke suggests that we must live from the place of achieving it right from the beginning? Lastly: once set, how specific does the plan to get there need to be, or is the neat idea to go from hole to hole, to use a golf analogy. (not sure where that came from as I don’t play golf?)