Impossible goal: The sums don’t add up

My impossible (hopefully possible!) goal is to earn 200,000£ pa (note this refers to british pounds), to be reached by 31st Dec 2022. I have clarified what I’m doing in my work (I’m a therapist) & who I’m doing it for, ie who my audience is exactly. However I’ve been avoiding so far actually doing the sums in a very specific way, ie what I’m earning at the moment per annum (approx 75,000£ pa) and how much more I need to earn per month.

This morning I sat down & did calculations taking into account the steps I’ve set out to take, with my current impossible goal plan. I came up with a good increase with these steps, taking me up to 115,000£ pa. But not to 200,000£ pa.

I have to say, looking at the sums & the steps I’ve already planned out was a joyful, interesting experience as I saw with my own eyes that taking these steps will in fact lead to this increase in income.

However this is then the model I was led to, which is wht I need help with, in terms of how to take it forward. I came up with a possible intentional model tentatively. But wondered what you think.

Unintentional model
C: Calculations I did this morning about earnings and impossible goal (200,000£ pa until 31st dec 2022)
T: The sums don’t add up: this is not possible.
F: Disappointed
A: From disappointment my actions would be to question/change the whole impossible goal before the year even starts and tell myself I can actually earn 115,000£ pa and that’s fine, tell myself I should be grateful for the 115,000£ pa I’m coming up with as that’s more than what I’m currently making, I may indulge in doing the same things that don’t take me to my goal, not imagining/thinking bigger and being even more creative than I’ve been so far, stay stuck, inaction, confused thinking, buffering with social media and overeating to deal with disappointment
R: Things remain the same: impossible goal doesn’t happen, I settle for less.

Intentional model
C: Calculations I did this morning about earnings and impossible goal (200,000£ pa until 31st dec 2022)
T: I will come up with more ideas and learn as I go
F: Excited
A: Work on this month’s 30 day goal & daily journaling on it, review at the end, take to coaches to discuss: do I need to map out all steps immediately or keep coming up with ideas, take massive action until I reach my goal
R: I achieve my goal