Impossible goal vs. feasibility


I have a question regarding the impossible goal. Where do you draw the line between something that is “impossible” due to your mind’s limitations and something that is “impossible” because it’s simply not realistic or feasible?

For example, if someone has never played basketball in their life and their impossible goal was to make it to the NBA next year, I think we could all agree that would be impossible and not feasible…Or am I wrong with this thinking?

When it comes to my business I’m not sure how to separate if it’s just impossible due to my own limitations or if it’s just not realistic…

For example, I haven’t made any money from my blog and I’ve made my impossible goal $100K per month in revenue. I think that would be more realistic within a 5-year time frame, instead of one year. So to me, that seems impossible, therefore, I picked it as my impossible goal. The logic behind this goal is that if I reach for the stars and miss, I’ll still be making some money (maybe in the $5K-10K per month range)…Is this an okay approach for my impossible goal? Or should I pick something a little more feasible?

I’m not sure if it will serve me to try to go from 0 to 60 like the NBA example that I gave. 🙂

Your advice is greatly appreciated!