Impossible short term goals and Math vs Drama


I am loving the “Impossible Goal” work this month but now have my brain really drilling down to the details about how to make things happen. I’ve set a short term $ goal to make $20,000 in revenue in my coaching business by the end of February, 2018. This gets me to my larger goals. Then I got around to thinking about how many people I need to see my Facebook Ads in order to have 20 people accept my invitation into my coaching program.

Here’s how I think it needs to happen:

1. Sell 20 people on my $1,000 12 week coaching package.

2. In order to sell 20 people, I need to get 200???? people on a mini session call? Or am I underestimating what the closing rate is on a mini session? I keep hearing in my mind you saying “Make it inevitable”.

3. Let’s say I need to get 100 people on a mini call. That means I need to have 1000 people on a webinar where I’m selling the mini calls? That sounds totally impossible to me:) Then I think “Maybe I only need 200 people on a webinar to get 100 people to signup for a mini session call”.

4. Finally, in order to have 200 people on the webinar….I should have 2,000 people see my facebook ad for the webinar so 200 signup and attend?

Here’s the “realistic?” summary: 2,000 people see my facebook ad====200 people come to the webinar=======100 people signup for a mini session======20 people accept the invite and become my coaching clients.

Are any of these numbers realistic for a newbie like me who hasn’t sold from a webinar since back in 2010-2011 and that was for a course on Quickbooks….nothing to do with Life Coaching stuff:) I know times online have changed a lot since then.

I just want to take the first step in testing FB ads and want to make sure I find a big enough audience to reach my goals.

Thanks Brooke!