I wonder if it’s normal for other coaches to feel like an imposter? Before I was certified I remember thinking I’ve got a lot of good ideas, I’m a great parent, I can help people. Not that I’m certified and want to be a parenting coach I feel like such a hypocrite I talk about not yelling at your kids (then I raise my voice sometimes, they say I’m yelling, but I’d say the former). I also find lots of evidence for others who are doing this too, and think who am I to tell people how to parent. I think the way I live is pretty normal, but I forget that it probably isn’t so I don’t know what to share? I think I over think it?

I also don’t have a real clear offer other than I can help you feel better about your kids, they don’t have to change for you to feel better. How to stop yelling at your kids. I want to stay with this niche.

There are days I think this is fun, I’ve got this. Then other days where I feel jealous and down that I don’t know what I’m doing. So my question is on the down times/days what would you suggest I do? I find it a lot harder to create content when I’m in that space.