In a rush

I’m expecting a baby in 4 months. I keep feeling a sense wanting to rush as if “I need to get it all done before the baby comes.” (complete business modules, signing clients, build a program, etc.). I don’t want to rush this process. I want to enjoy it. I want to leave space for myself to learn and to build it with love and to even have fun. But then my thoughts go back to that due date…. and the ticking of the clock.

How can I approach this to create the feelings I want instead of worrying about my “limited” time frame?

C – baby is due in 4 months
T – I need to get it all done before the baby comes
F – pressure
A – look at everything I need to do, make lists, step into overwhelm, try to create content but encounter road blocks, “I won’t be able to. Time is limited. Tick tock tick tock. I won’t be able to serve anyone in that time frame,” I doubt myself and my ability to get it all done
R – I block myself from getting things done