In control of my business

I’m having business mindset drama come up. I’ve worked by myself and with a small virtual assistant team for years. A year ago I partnered with a creative director and investor who acts like a CEO. They are amazing, however right now we are getting to the point where we have a new concept and a business model. It’s essentially an upgraded version of what I’ve been doing for years.

They want to launch the business again, even though I already have a program running in my current company. They are men. I’m a woman. I’m intuitive and they tend to go with data. You know how Brooke says: Decide and you don’t have to know how? I’ve believed in this concept for years. It’s how I made my first million online.

I think my fear is that they will want to make a strategic plan and any intuition that comes from making the decision about revenue goals, won’t be used or implemented and we won’t be successful because of it.

So I think my question is: With the “decide and you don’t have to know how it’s going to show up” concept – is it possible that miracles, manifestation and intuition could come through and bring big results (like they have in the past) even with the masculine “thinking only” approach that my team uses?

How does the life coach school decision-making team handle different leadership roles having different ideas (logic + intuition) while knowing that their financial goal is going to happen?

And lastly – model practice.

C: My team wants me to slow down and create processes around everything.
T: They think they know what’s best for marketing to the online world and I don’t think they know what they are talking about.
F: Angry.
A: Respond to them in a somewhat combative way and push back really hard on them.
R: They feel like I’m hard to work with? (I’m not sure if that’s actually true) It’s more difficult to move us forward with projects.

Clearly I’m having a toddler brain moment!

New Model
C: My team wants me to slow down and create processes around everything.
T: This is great because it allows me to spend more time and intention on developing new program and creating a business machine.
F: Relaxed
A: Come to my next meeting with my plan and research.
R: We have a productive meeting and move things forward.

Is there ever a time where you just want to be mad! I know this sounds so silly but can you just want to feel that emotion to bring it up and out? Is that a thing? Thank you so much for your help!