..in this cycle

C: List of books, courses, memberships & videos, emails I want to read/watch/do. 24 hours. Life. Business. Clients.
T : I want to do all of them
F: Anxiety
A: Go from one tab to another. Collect books in a pile. Don’t put focus on one thing. While doing something, will jump to something else. Spend the day and time between the clients doing that. Not scheduling. Not deciding. Fear missing out. Watch Netflix to distract from this anxiety. Keep consuming instead of creating as much.
R: I don’t make meaningful progress on anything.

I did this model but it still doesn’t sink in. This is becoming a big problem as I feel it’s taking up a lot of my brain energy. Could you offer some questions so I feel at peace and feel decisive about things I am doing & actually get the satisfaction from doing them?