Increased My Prices – Now Starting to Question It

I launched my coaching business a few months ago, and I started with a low price ($300/month for unlimited phone and email). After thinking more about how much value I offer, and some coaching, I increased my prices to $899/month for a 3-month package OR $999/month of month-to-month.
Initially, I felt good about this increase because I did the math out in order to actually earn enough to hit my $10k / double my business goal.
I also thought about the VALUE I’m giving to clients – $899/month for unlimited phone and email seems like a good value.
I told 2 of my clients at the lower price of my price increase and they both said they weren’t able to pay this. So far, I haven’t gotten a YES yet on my new prices, and I’m starting to question if the price is too high.
On the one hand, my T is that the RIGHT people will pay this VALUE / PRICE.
On the other hand, my T is that my price is too high, especially for someone just starting out and compared to other coaches who are more experiences/certified (but who do not offer the unlimited model).

Two questions:
– From a business perspective, how do I know if the PRICE is too high in my Offer and that the PRICE is what needs to change?
– Can I go back to my other Offers I made and lower the price? Part of me thinks I don’t want to do that; part of me thinks I should.