I am new to Scholars & am embarking on “The Impossible Goal” workshop. My goal is to take a bit of extra income I’m finally making & turn it into a certain amount by July & a greater amount by 2023. My issue is that I don’t know what to put in my A line .. I’ve already done a lot: I created a podcast, I did group coaching, I tried to self-market myself individually as a coach, I created an online community, I got into the social media game quite actively .. but I never saw a return on investment for any of those projects & instead found myself feeling scattered & running in circles often. I was also never great at monetizing any of this. My new mantra is, “less work, more impact.” Coaching was always meant to be my side hustle. I’m finally contracting as a coach & feel relief from some aspects of the self-marketing game. But in order to support my artistic efforts (I’m primarily a creative – a songwriter & actor), I need to take this extra income & turn it into more $ by July & then again by 2023. Directly investing this extra income into my artistic efforts wouldn’t make sense because that’s an even tougher field in which to see a guaranteed return on investment. So I want to have more $ before I continue putting it back into being an artist. I don’t know what project to pick back up that will be worth my time & energy while creating the impact that I want to see. I’m also not sure which project gives me the most joy. I am hoping that whatever I settle on will be able to feel like an extension of my artistry but with a focus on mental health within the queer community, my niche. I find that if I get too caught up in the business/marketing aspect of pitching myself as a coach or an expert, it doesn’t serve me very well. I’m a storyteller at heart. One idea I have is to use this extra income to start assembling a team as I feel that outsourcing will help with me feeling the weight of it all on my shoulders & will reduce time spent on things I don’t like to do, such as content strategy. But I don’t want to hire someone & then have them be as scattered as I’ve been. I feel like I need to pick what my project is going to be first & then hire someone to help execute.