Indulging In Confusion Over Business

I started SCS in December (you absolutely overdeliver – I love it!) and my IG was to have a solo exhibition as an artist. I now have a website where I blog about how I returned to painting after 5 years and how I can help others do the same – as well as painting regularly and working towards exhibiting. I have 10 on my email list so far and I have plans next year to write an online course – this year my goal is still to exhibit. I chose this goal when I was still in my cave and it felt safeish. Now I have become a different person and I wonder when I do coach training, it will become obvious I can ask so much more of myself. I was a serious over-drinker and I completely gave up alcohol 8 years ago and I know I can help others do the same. My confusion is do I continue as I am as an artist/blogger and work towards becoming an artist block coach and exhibiting artist, or do I change my business plan to help over drinking 40+ mothers quit alcohol? I am indulging in confusion and my thoughts are stopping me from going all in on my current business plan. Thank you for all your amazing work!