Input on a model about a business relationship

My business partner and I have run our PR consulting business (“agency”) together since 2008. We were first “solopreneurs” working together; then we got a joint bank account and an LLC. We are in an agency owner coaching program to launch a new service in eight weeks. I have two models to support this, worked with a coach today on the first one. The second is my “how do I want to show up” model. My question is whether this is a productive model for a relationship? I recognize that I am the only one who belongs in the R line in a model and am not responsible for her thoughts and feelings.

first model – for making a significant improvement to our existing business
C: I co-own a PR business and we are in a 8-week coaching program.
T: I make great decisions with available information.
F: Confident
A: Decide on target audience, what services to offer, what not to offer, what to call it, how to deliver it in person, how to deliver it online, price i, train employees, adjust business plan, stop doubting, stop looking at all the possibilities, keep a someday/maybe list of ideas, come to consensus with my biz partner, remember it’s not all about me.

Second model:
C: I am in a biz partnership that is creating something new.
T: Our new offering uses both of our personal and professional strengths.
F: Productive
A: I am patient. I speak my opinions. I listen to hers. I look for common ground. I identify circumstances. I do not indulge in criticisms of past clients or work. I accept full responsibility for where we are today. I look toward the future. We decide on different roles and functions within the new offering. We write job descriptions. We identify where our work connects or overlaps and where we have different responsibilities for outcomes.
R: I honor the relationship as a partnership. (or: I have clarity on my role in the partnership. or: I show up in the partnership as a capable professional and compassionate partner.)

Thank you for taking time to consider this.