Input on Business Name

Hi Brooke,

I would appreciate your input on my business/domain name for my business. I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist and have prior coaching training. I am starting a side business in foreign accent coaching for professional women. I am starting with the technical, pronunciation piece (though speech analysis and teaching sounds based on their particular accent), however I would eventually like to add in coaching programs around confidence issues/mindset around being non-native speaker of English. My goal is not to eliminate the accent, as it’s often a part of someone’s culture and identity, but to coach them in developing clear and confident speech in their personal and professional lives, and eventually helping them to realize it’s not their accent to blame for their lack of confidence/moving forward, but what they are thinking about their accent. I wasn’t sure if I needed the word accent in the business name. The most common search term for this line of work is “pronouncing American English.”

Here’s what I have so far as Business/Domain names:
Clear Confident Speech
Goodbye Accent
Optimal Accent

Thank you so much!