Input on my A line

Hi coaches – hoping I can get some input on my UM and IM here. I am especially struggling with the A line of my IM. I do like the thought I have chosen but it also brings up a bit of overwhelm. Should I be choosing a different thought then?

C: Apathy about my business
T: Things can’t work out for me.
F: Hopeless
A: Move from one Action to the next without completion. Sleep late. Drink too much. Look forward to eating and TV watching. Isolate from my fellow entrepreneurs. Dread the mornings.
R: Things don’t work out for me.

C: Apathy about my business
T: I am the creator of my experience
F: Powerful
A: Think fewer victim-y thoughts. Focus on my own responsibilities. Buffer less (maybe true, still not sure). Open up to possibility. Remind myself I am responsible for what happens next. Get a bit overwhelmed.
R: I create a more empowering experience.