Insane or really insane???

I have worked as an Airbnb coach for over 2 years and never created a course. I talked about it, so much so, that I’m tired of it. TIRED. Life always got in the way. Now is the sale of the house.

I used to do monthly webinars for 2 years to get exposure and gain audience. Now I have a podcast and an FB group of over 3k members. Well, I decided to offer a new webinar to a course for brand new hosts which will be a weekly webinar for 4 weeks.

And I’m not ready… I can be… but this is below B level.. It felt like I kept putting it off and waiting, and something always got in the way… so I announced the webinar on my podcast, I have a landing page for it, etc… And announced it on my FB group… but

I’m scared and I’m not ready for the course… not even with a name… oh yeah. I know what it’s about and the models. And that I can teach it.. It’s stuff I know. I did a free challenge 2 years ago just like this. Four weeks, four classes… And I can repurpose some of that material and make it better…

I can also just postpone and wait… but keep waiting, and waiting…

I know for the first webinar… next week all I need is:

– Presentation (webinar)
– FB ads (I have done some in the past)
– Sales page for the course (a title.. will be nice)
– Funnel for it.

I’m presenting the webinar twice.. and then the course will start in April. Fear, brain, thoughts… Of course, I want it to be financially successful. But is the success just getting it out there and then taking massive action next time I launch it?

Ohhh brain playing Monday morning fear tricks… mama got work to do.. a sales page.. wait I need a name.. hehe

And yes, you told me to do this course 6 months ago…

Model me, please…