Inside the struggle

I know one answer for how much I should charge is to look at my offer, the results I offer and determine what it is worth based on that. I’ve launched a membership. We’re offering it at 40% off, so instead of $147, the price is $87.

Problem is I question the quality of my work. I’m doing something new and my results feel untested. I’ve had some success with clients, but I’m concerned that my product won’t produce the results I want or say they will produce.

I feel insecure and unclear about what to do. I think should

a. lower my price…that feels like it would lower the pressure. I think: “more people would enroll more easily and there would be less pressure on sales”
b. Go straight to $147. I think: that will get me to produce a great product (this thought is kind of weak in me)
c. Keep it as is and work on my thoughts. Just keep working.

I have a belief that once I get my ‘formula’ right my business will take off. So as long as my business continues to struggle I think my formula isn’t right. Is it me? Is it my husband who works with me? What is holding this thing back from being amazing? That question brings up a lot of tears.

C: I offer membership opportunity at 40% off for $87
T: I’m confused about my pricing, my product and where I should put my focus
F: Insecure, guilty, overwhelmed
A: Push forward
R: Little movement in either direction

C: I offer membership opportunity at 40% off for $87
T: something is holding the business back. There are only 2 people behind it, so it must be one of us or both or the combination of the two of us together.
F: Sad, stupid, defeated, embarrassed, guilty, confused,
A: try and try and try again
R: A business without enough clients