instagram and facebook

Good morning,
I am struggling with the purpose behind using these platforms. I am posting fantastic content each day… my followers are climbing (I have been doing it for less than a month), but I just don’t see how it converts to paying clients. Most of the people following me are other life coaches or in a similar industry! It feels more like networking on LinkedIn than collecting followers from people that are actually struggling and want help.
I boost my ads on Facebook, I see the interaction, but nothing on a deeper level, where I am actually converting/communicating with people is happening. Not to mention everyone has great content on instagram. Thousands of entrepreneurs, from makeup artists to hair stylists to fitness leaders to home design. I see hundreds and hundreds of posts with great, inspirational content.
How do we get from a post on Instagram to a client or at least to the opportunity to give them a free mini session? I need help connecting the dots. I am dedicating a significant amount of work time each day to social media in terms of researching the best hashtags, trying to grow my followers, finding great images that relate to my content and then writing badass content. Is this really the best use of my time?
With gratitude…