I’m about to launch my business and coaching program. I don’t currently have an Instagram for my business though I have an IG account, which I have temporarily disabled, from when I first went vegan and I was very keen to spread the vegan message. This account grew quickly to over 500 followers, the majority I don’t know personally. This account is a business one as I was interested in how my posts were landing and how I could improve them, though it was just a hobby, I made no money.

I’m thinking of using my temporarily disabled Instagram account for my coaching business now (which is nothing to do with being vegan). I’d change the account name and launch my business to the 500 followers I have rather than start from zero.

I know some people won’t be interested and will unfollow me, which is fine as I think I’ll probably retain quite a lot.

I’m wondering if this is the best thing to do as the followers I have won’t be my ideal clients and the feed won’t really make sense if you scrolled through it (all the vegan content).

Do you think this is a good plan?