Intentional Model on Goal-Setting

I’m experiencing difficulty creating an intentional model for a monetary goal. I rarely set short-term goals, but I set one in my SCS monthly workbook b/c the prompt is in the book.

C – Goal: Earn $9,000 this month in my business.
T- I can’t earn that much in such little time.
F – Insecure
A – Don’t reach out to nearly as many people as I could have. Don’t ask everyone for referrals.
R – I don’t earn $9K thru my business, maybe end up earning $0.

C – Goal: Earn $9,000 this month in my business.
T – I don’t like setting short term goals b/c they rarely ever happen.
F – Let down
A – I don’t set short-term goals. Ruminate past failures. Half-ass actions I do take.
R – I don’t get to experience myself as someone who can manifest short-term goals.

C- Goal: Earn $9,000 this month through coaching.
T- ?
F- Calm resolve
A- ?
R- Earn $9K this month through coaching