Intentional Model Review- New business

I started this model from the result line. I tend to mix models and not fully work through them in the past so I would love feedback on this model. I struggle with the feeling line.

C- $0 in business revenue since January 2020
T- I can do this
F- inspired (i struggle here a bit- I feel confident, inspired and determined. Then there is that twinge of doubt. I can acknowledge it and move on but is that serving me?)
A- Believe, be confident in value offered, be all in for all clients, work from inspired action, sign 25 new paying clients between now and December 31, 2020, create more content that is authentic, get in front of more people with ads, run leadership quiz with free coaching session, run 4 steps free mini course.
R-create 25 new paid clients and 100K in revenue between now and December 31, 2020