internal meeting in startup

I’m part of a 3 person startup.
We have specific roles, and one person is responsible for website and marketing.
This person presented the current state of the website.
My expectation was that the website would be more complete.

I can react by:
1) out of genuine curiosity I ask what are the obstacles in making the website
danger: I may appear accusatory
2) I can compliment the current website
danger: I give the wrong impression that everything is ok
3) I say nothing, because I was just feeling the disappointment/anger inside me
danger: I may give the impression that something is wrong by not saying anything

I did number 3. Luckily, the third person came in and complimented the work.

I want to respond to situations like this by asking what is blocking the progress.
Also, how to handle partners in a business vs. handle this situation with a contractor/employee?