Investing and scarcity savings

I would really like to do coach training.
Right now I am earning very little money in my current business. I live off of the bare minimum and each month is often a struggle.

However, I have $22000 in savings which I keep for a real emergency, for the months where I can’t make the rent with my earnings.

It occurred to me that I have been telling myself I can’t afford to do coach training, but I just realized technically I can and I would only have $4000 left in savings which worries me.
It has made me realize that I obviously don’t believe in myself otherwise it would be a no brainer and I would have booked coach training. I really want to do it but I keep questioning whether it is sensible or maybe its too risky. Then I have a thought that says spending $18000 could make me SO much more, rather than staying stuck.

I’ve tried to dod a model on this, but now I have done it I’m not sure where to go with it?
C: Coach training
T: It’s too risky to spend my savings
F: fear, scarcity
A: do not book the coach training
R: not a certified coach, not confident, stay stuck