Investing in a mastermind

Hi there! A (paid) mastermind I’ve been considering joining is offering a promotion for the next few days at a significant discount.

I rarely trust myself to make large purchasing decisions on my own because I’ve spent the last 5-6 years buying courses and not following through with them or not getting results even after I do follow through. (That’s 100% on me and not on the course creator.)

I’ve already proven with my Scholars investment, though…that I CAN implement new information and make really amazing changes in my life with the support of a community of people that have been there, done that.

So, here is my dilemma: In order to take advantage of this promotional offer, I would need to join the mastermind this week. What I don’t know is if I want to join because I’m afraid of doing the hard work that’s ahead of me and I’m telling myself that purchasing another resource will make it easier. OR if this mastermind will legitimately get me further faster and give me a positive return on investment.

I thought at one point I saw Brooke or another coach offer guidance on “how to know when it’s right to invest in your business”, but now I can’t find it. Does this exist? Maybe I dreamt it?

Here’s my first attempt at a thought model for the situation…

Unintentional Thought Model –
C: Promotional offer this week on mastermind
T: I only have a couple days to sign up if I want to take advantage of the savings
F: Stress/panic/rushed
A: Read every word of the mastermind sales page for the 14th time, type up a list of questions I have on what’s included and send it off to the support team, talk with my spouse about whether it’s a good investment, look through the courses I already own to see how much crossover there is, waffle/debate with myself listing out the pros and cons and wasting a whole bunch of time
R: Make the decision on whether or not to join at the last minute before deadline, not really feeling sure about my decision

Intentional Thought Model –
C: Promotional offer this week on mastermind
I’m starting with how I’d love to feel – Empowered
Thought that would create that feeling – “I know exactly how to make the right decision for me”
How I’d act if I felt that way – give myself an hour to gather more information and then make the decision without spending any more time on it
Result – lots of time saved whether I join or don’t join, knowing I did what’s right for me.

Only hard part is that I don’t believe the thought “I know exactly how to make the right decision for me”. Help!
Thank you in advance : )