Investing Money In My Business Is Irresponsible

Hello SCS! I’m anxious lately about investing in my business… This year, I’ve made $30k as a full-time life coach so far (more than triple what I made last year), and I want to make a $16k investment in my business for a business Mastermind and a nutrition coaching program. However, I have scarcity issues around money and fear that I will never be able to make any profit in my business (let alone keep money in my bank account), and am unsure if I should be investing in my business. This is my model:

C deciding whether to make a $16k investment in my business after making $30k this year so far as a coach
T I never get to keep my money
F ashamed
A criticize self for spending, tell self not to spend, indecisive, procrastinate on decision, not trust self to make money back
R I don’t spend money on business

I feel stuck and am not sure where to go from here? I want to feel confident about investing, but the fear about not making money back after investing is keeping me from moving forward. I’m wondering if I even need to invest? How do I know if an investment is worth it or not? And when to keep profit in my business?