Investment and Breaking Even

I am currently working through the Entrepreneurship course in the vault and have set a goal to break even this year. I have been in my business part time for 1.5 years and have very little revenue. I have invested what I consider to be quite heavily mainly in a marketing course to build a funnel and in Facebook advertising. My current investment is around USD 20’000 with no return. I seem to investing more and more money but not getting anywhere so I am trying to shift the focus to making more offers at a lower price point in order to move towards my goal of breaking even this year. I am finding it hard to know where or if to invest more going forwards as I think I need to pay for marketing and advertising to find my ideal clients but I am getting paralysed spending more when I have no return yet. Is there a point when you need to say stop investing and start doing something else in order to move towards breaking even. I understand I need to invest and to spend money to make money but so far that has not produced any return. I am running through my savings rapidly financing my business.