I have 0$ in my bank account since I left my job 3 months ago to pursue full time in business.

I want to invest in my business such as in scholars, pay for stacey program and hire my 1-1 coach.

However, I haven’t made any money in my business yet. The part of it is because I haven’t been really taking massive action to create it. I know I could do more.

I want to make money so I could make the investment.

So I am thinking if I should go back to find a job or if I should work on my business to sign clients and then invest on it.

I just don’t feel like putting in so much work. I just don’t want to work but I know I have to work to get the results.

Isn’t there a way to make money in business or from my job without hustling, working too much, or working hard.

My thought is too much work for too little pay.