Inviting to mini-sessions, programs and services

Hi Brooke, I can’t be more grateful to have stumbled upon your podcast! The How To Be A Life Coach podcast was exactly what I needed to get unstuck and moving again on building my business. Perfect example of how free content leads to paying clients as here I am in scholars and on the waitlist for 2019.

Here’s my question. Would you recommend reaching out via messaging on FB to those that follow my page or I’m friends with inviting them to a mini-session? I was in a health/fitness network marketing business for about 4 years. In that time I grew a nice following around the health and fitness industry. In network marketing, it’s always recommended to invite, invite, invite. That was my least favorite part of the gig. I loved branding myself and having people come to me but I didn’t enjoy the inviting part. But, I do find that many are afraid to reach out and ask. However if they are approached and invited, they often times do end up signing up. I feel like I need plenty of live coaching practice and I need to get at least 20 mini-sessions on the books over the next month. So would it be icky if I sent messages to some of my followers letting them know of the changes I’ve made and that I have my own coaching practice and invite them to a free mini-session? thank you!