Is anxiety buffering?

Hello amazing coaches,
I have a lot of anxiety at the moment. I have a large bill that I need to pay on 1 September and I currently don’t have the money to pay for it. I am working on creating the money, dealing with my mind etc. As the date grows closer my anxiety is rising. It is really bad. I am spending a lot of time working on my anxiety: how to calm myself down, how not to have a panic attack, how to take action in spite of anxiety, how to keep thinking the right thoughts instead of thoughts of blame, shame and game over.
Then it occurred to me that anxiety is just buffering. No disrespect to people with anxiety it seriously is awful. The reason I think this is because it takes me away from working on my goal, £1000 by 1 September. In a way it’s like a release from the pain of working through getting to £1k extra but getting the pain at the same time (ie the pain from the anxiety). It’s sort of like drinking to buffer but getting the hangover at the same time as you are drinking. It makes everything worse but because you’re now focused on the buffering rather than the goal you get respite from the goal.
If I put it into the model is it possible for anxiety to be the C?
C anxiety
T oh not you again. Brain, I love you very much but seriously, chillax.
F relief
A clear mind to concentrate on what steps I now need to take to earn that money quite quickly. Write out a list of other ways I could earn some money quickly. Write out ways of creating better sales copy for business and sending it out to all social media channels.
R make more money. Prove to myself it can be done.

If I put anxiety as feeling then action seems to become action taken in spite of anxiety which seems like resistance.
Am currently exhausted all the time and now realise that is resistance to a thought, thanks Jamie Berman in weight loss coaching call for driving that one home:

C have a financial goal for 1 September
T I only have a small amount of time to make that money
F anxiety
A take action in spite of anxiety (as above)
R work less effectively as resisting anxiety – R potentially not as great as R in model above because still resisting anxiety.


C anxiety
T Don’t let anxiety distract you from your goal.
F purposeful
A as above
R earn money and manage anxiety at the same time (huge win, pass out with relief!)

How does this sound?
Thanks so much for helping on this.