Is ghosting a no with a potential offer?

When I get client inquiries forms via my contact page for my services, I generally try to do a quick cold call, and if I can’t get a hold of them, I will email them with some additional information and a link to schedule a call to chat more. At times, people will not call back or answer my email to schedule a call to chat more. They just disappear (even with additional follow-up emails/calls). It leaves me frustrated as I’d like an actual “no” to learn from these situations. I even had someone last week that we DID a call, she seemed excited to book, I sent her a proposal for her session and she let it expire and never returned any of my follow-up calls/emails.

Would that be considered a “no” or not since it’s not a verbal/written no and it’s hard to really learn from it? And is there anything you could suggest to improve this situation so I can actually learn from these types of no’s? I start to feel like a pest after I’ve send a few VM’s + emails to the person, plus I don’t want to waste my time since it becomes apparent the person isn’t the right fit for my offer, but then I’m wondering if there is something that I could be doing to prevent these types of inquiry situations. The ghosting frustrates me, and I can’t figure out yet how to work through these situations. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!