Is it my lack of patience, expectations, or a wrong fit for the role?

I ended up hiring someone for a role within my company that wasn’t supposed to be occupied for a while, but I figured I’d give it a shot because it was a boomerang hire (someone who’s done some work with me before) and those tasks take up so much of my own time and sanity. Filling that role and outsourcing was a great decision… But I still have some doubts about the team member occupying the role.

Pro’s: The team member has the right values, believes in the company vision, and has the “no matter what it takes” mentality. Even though I brought her on part-time (15 to 20 hours a week), she’s approaching this with a full-time commitment and puts in more hours as needed + continuously learning. And she LOVES the role as this is the kind of role she wanted to be in + she’s glad that I was able to transition her into this kind of work (usually at mid-career, it’s really hard to switch to a different function while getting seniority / past work experience being honored).

Where I get doubts:

– There seems to be a lot of last-minute things. I’m not sure if it’s the region or whatever. But whether the internet, holidays, etc… It’s always a last-minute notice. Thankfully her work doesn’t have urgent deadlines, but this is very concerning because I don’t think she’s in the best environment to be taking on remote positions like this.

– The learning curve: It’s been just over a month since she’s been on board. But considering the hours she claims she puts in, a very robust training program we have, etc… It still feels very slow. At least she’s improving, but I can’t help but think, “I expected her to get this part of the job figured out by now”. Before her, we hired for an entry-level role, and she picked up everything in a couple of weeks.

– There’s a lot of pressure from her (to me) about how she’s financially struggling + it isn’t helping her focus. Whenever she makes mistakes that she isn’t supposed to be considering her past professional experience, her reasoning is “I’m stressed because I’m not full time yet and my compensation doesn’t show that”. Except I told her even before bringing her on board, that if she wants this role, it’d have to be part-time as we didn’t budget for this role at least until July in ANY capacity. I pointed her to other part-time side gigs and referrals. But she hasn’t taken upon any. Yet anytime I try to temporarily outsource for things that she hasn’t learned yet, she says “just give them to me and pay me more”. This makes me feel uneasy because she hasn’t given me the confidence that she could handle existing projects or tasks on her own.

So I’m wondering… Am I just being too impatient? Am I expecting too much in terms of how fast she learns? Or is it that she isn’t the best fit for this kind of role or the work environment (working remotely, focused QUALITY work rather than the hours, work whenever BUT still give enough notice)?