Is my need for constant growth an issue?

I am a single mom, corporate business leader, equality advocate, & obsessive learner.

I launched my coaching business last year and I have autoimmune diseases.

My health requires me to slow down more than my brain or soul wants me too and I hate it. Yet, I still seem to do 2-3 times what I see other people doing.

People ask if my ambition or business is a replacement for just being or feeling some void. I question sometimes why I’m not good at being in the moment, just having fun.

I am not motivated by getting to a final destination of proving anything, so it’s not an “I’ll be happy one day or when I get to this level.”

I love the whole process and feel alive when I’m making a difference, learning, and helping people.

But can too much of a good thing be bad? Could I be subconsciously avoiding relaxing? Should I give myself more time between the next thing?