Is my niche narrow enough?

I am an Ayurvedic Health Counselor. I help intelligent, high-functioning women in their 30’s and 40’s who know a lot about wellness, but still struggle with anxiety and digestive issues. They feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting health information online, and have tried different diets, herbs and supplements. But they still struggle, because the wellness trends they followed were not appropriate for their *unique body-mind constitution*, or their Ayurvedic dosha.

Together, we use my quick and accurate Ayurvedic assessment to discover their dosha. Then I teach them the perfect diet and lifestyle for their unique constitution. This method has been working for over 5000 years for this ancient system of medicine, and it will work for them, guaranteed.

The main point is : Balance your Dosha, Balance your Life. Or Discover your Dosha, Transform your Health… something like that.

Is this niche narrow enough?

I could also just say “I work with *yogis who struggle with…..” but that feels too narrow. A lot of women come to me for weight loss and perimenopausal issues (hormones too).

Thank you for your help and direction!