Is my niche narrow enough?

I’m following Brooke’s training on “Becoming An Entrepreneur.” I have been consistently narrowing my niche over the past year. I feel in my heart a passion for this place I’ve come up with, but I want to know if I should narrow it down even more:

  • I work with women beyond 50 who want to live their Impossible Dream.
  • I speak to women facing transitions and a change in identity. I focus on having the courage to love your life by first identifying who you want to be and bringing that person into whatever you want to do.

Is this too broad in light of the examples below?

For example, I’m thinking of women who are: (but not ONE of these bring me joy and passion like the thought of helping women find their courage to do and become anything they want to.)

  • Considering retirement but feeling the fear of the loss of leaving a work identity.
  • Considering a career change to something they would love to do but are afraid of trying.
  • Post-divorce women who aren’t sure who they are anymore and want to transition into someone living a life they love.

Thank you so much for your thoughts.