Is my niche the perfect match to my offer?

I am a Yoga teacher and coach. My niche is women with anxiety who practice Yoga, live in France but work in Switzerland, have children and are divorced. They are overwhelmed with the demands of their job, parenting and romantic relationships. They feel stuck in their life.

My offer is as follows:

How to get be more serene in your life (this would go with a picture).

What if I told you that trying to ‘manage’ your anxiety doesn’t work?
It can’t be managed with breathing techniques.
Nor can it be managed with Yoga postures.
The truth is Yoga cannot manage your anxiety.

So what is the answer then?

It is not what you think it is but there’s a method, and I’m sharing it in a FREE class

In this 30-minute class, I will teach you how to free yourself from the tired techniques you think have been helping you—when they really haven’t served you well at all.

There’s a truth in how you should approach anxiety in your life and it goes against everything you’ve ever been told; it really is the secret to a happier you.

I feel that my offer is good but am I specific enough with my niche? Do they match?