Is my niche too broad?

Potential niche:

‘I help people, like you, with busy minds and busy lives to create CALM amidst the chaos, Clarity on what’s important, Connection to yourself, and CONFIDENCE to be you and focus on what’s important’

I’m hoping to help women who feel stressed and overwhelmed from DOING too much / rushing too much in a desperate attempt to feel good enough / get external validation for how much they’ve achieved and in the process are exhausted, unhappy, feel like they never have enough time to do the things they want to do and have no confidence to go after the things that are actually important to them.

I want to teach them mindfulness and mediation techniques in addition to coaching strategies so they can learn how to dial down the stress to be more calm and present in their lives so they can know themselves better, have their own back, and have the confidence to be themselves and live with more inner contentment.

But I’m concerned this is all too vague and not narrow enough?