Is my pricing holding me back?

I’ve created an INCREDIBLE online course and coaching program for non-traditional university students. I’m offering the course at a (in my opinion) low rate and overdelivering to the max, and offering a 4-month payment plan option.
When I’m making an offer to a potential client online and they see the price, I either get ghosted or they say that they just can’t afford it right now.
Now I know that this is an indicator that they are not the right person, but I’m not going to meet my sales goal if things continue like this.
I’ve asked my email list for feedback, and only 2 people responded (one had purchased the course and the other was clearly not in my target audience).
What’s my next move? Should I offer a subscription model for the course & coaching program at a super low price? I’m making offers around the clock and am hearing crickets!