Is the hustle phase ever REALLY necessary in business?

I’ve heard in a podcast and/or scholars training Brooke and Stacey Boehman mention the “hustle phase” and “the grind to 100k.” They both mentioned they did this and that it was “necessary.” After listening to Abraham Hicks on this (I have heard Brooke mention she likes their work), I’d like to challenge this belief. Abraham Hicks says hustle is never necessary if we are in a state of allowing.

So this makes me wonder and my brain asks the question of “maybe Brooke and Stacey never needed to hustle even in their first 100k if they were consciously choosing to allow?” Abraham says those that believe they need to hustle, will create that in their reality. Those that believe they don’t need to hustle, won’t need to as they also create their reality. I’ve also heard Brooke say you can’t hustle your way to a million – which makes me think she is allowing to a million instead of hustling. But my brain asks if we can allow to a million, we certainly can allow to 100k.

Is it possible the hustling phase is never necessary if we BELIEVE that to be true?