Is this a niche or am I still avoiding narrowing?

Hi, I’m a food psychology coach, trying to niche my market. I’d like to focus on weight loss for women who overeat after work – for reward, incentive, relaxation, relief from performance pressure, overwhelm, impostor syndrome, etc.
My jam is that I work with coaching and a combo of CBT & Hypnosis (cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy).
Thing is, I’m not sure if the niche is tight enough. I mean, most women work, right?. Work is a huge part of most people’s lives unless you’re retired, or unemployed, or a student, or are on maternity leave and therefore not working.
When I think of actual industries I have worked in, that I could pick – the only corporate one was I worked in media (night shifts on a newsdesk of a national newspaper) – could be a goer, though I’m not sure what’s unique about it foodwise as a work milieu except for having exceptionally urgent deadlines nonstop, or how I’d tailor my program to them (or would I only be tailoring my marketing to them?). The other ones – I have done a job in pretty much every work environment on the planet – aren’t really ones where people have money (eg I have worked in a bakery, in theatre, on a factory production line, on a construction site, as a carer in a delinquent boys’ home, etc etc )
I could also do weight loss for women who work AND have children.
Weight loss for women who work NIGHTSHIFTS.
My question is, does ‘working women whose emotional eating relates to their work’ sound too general still? Am I trying to niche while still cheating and not really niching much?
And are these other tighter niche ideas simply absurd?
PS, I can hear you say it already – just decide, commit to it, you can’t make a wrong decision. Anything else I’m missing?