Is this constraining?

Hello, I decided this year to constrain my business and focus solely on selling my physical products.

I’ve been considering lately that I could also sell an online course that would teach my niche how to perform a certain thing.

The online course would probably help my product sales because they go hand-in-hand. (You would use my products to perform the thing I’d be teaching).

So it’s August and I’ve been focusing solely on selling products. I wanted to constrain to just product sales for one entire year.

If I start trying to sell a course, is this going off the path and not constraining or would it help my product sales and be part of what I’m trying to do?

I know a lot goes into creating, launching, and selling a course. My gut tells me that I should not do this until I’ve spent a full year only selling products but I wanted your feedback as well.

Thank you