Is this niche focused enough?

I’ve had a business around LOVE for 8 years. It’s called About Love. (It involves ‘A Blog About Love’, ‘A Shop About Love’, ‘Love Boot Camp’). I’m definitely known for Love and have reached millions (on my blog) talking about Love.

I speak about aligning with the highest level of LOVE, regardless of your circumstances. My blog has mainly focused on re-aligning with love during divorce, infertility, dating, and marriage.

I’m relaunching my coaching programs soon and my home page, opt-in, etc. And I’m thinking of niching a bit more towards relationships.

I’m thinking of the new niche being: “For those who want to experience EXTRAORDINARY LOVE in their relationships.”

(EXTRAORDINARY LOVE is not just the normal kind of dysfunctional “love” most people experience – but the most extraordinary love one could ever experience – by learning to be an emotional adult, learning to not get your worth and happiness from the other person, learning to show up and love because that’s what you want to OFFER, not what you are trying to GET from another person.)

I’d love your thoughts! Thank you so much!