Is this niche narrow enough?

Hi Brooke,
This is my second month with SCS and I’m loving it. I’ve decided that my impossible goal will be to finally build my coaching business and make 100K by the end of 2018. Here’s my niche market. would love your feedback!

I help women who grew up in traditional cultures to overcome social expectations, fears and limiting beliefs to have the audacity to live the life of their own choosing.

The problem is they are not allowed to choose for themselves the career they want to pursue or the person they will marry. They are expected to live within a narrow acceptable confine. They want to break out, but are afraid of judgement and being socially ostracized.

I can help them face their fears, manage their minds and find the courage to live their own lives.

Of course, after this exercise, my own mind have all these doubts about this niche that I might get help on a live call. For now, I’d love your feedback!