Is this niche specific enough?

I filled out the worksheet and this is what I came up with: I am a life coach who uses the Tiny Habits Method as my primary tool for helping professional women 35 years+ see as much success with their personal goals as they do in their career. By utilizing Tiny Habits, it makes the process of transformation easy, fun and with consistent wins that provide the momentum to keep moving forward.

1. My problem falls into Health, Wealth, Relationships and Creating an Efficient Household Routine
2. This is my struggle. I have narrowed my niche down to professional women 35 years+ who have successful careers but struggle with the consistency needed to see success with their personal goals.
3. Someone could Google Life Coach for Women or Habits for Women to find me
4. My solution is teaching The Tiny Habits Method which helps women create small habits that are sustainable and compound to provide big results.

I think my biggest challenge is that I help with habits around a variety of areas (Weightloss/Sleep/Mindset/Personal Finance/Better Personal Relationships/Home Organization) and every 3 months we focus on one of those broader categories (Health, Wealth, Happiness, Home). Do I really need to niche down to something more specific like Professional Woman 35 Years+ Who Need to Lose 50 or More Pounds?