Is what im charging right?

How do I really know the value of my program? Sure, I’ve done all the market comparisons, I believe I am worth what I charge, and I know based on clients testimonials and progress that my coaching packages hold tremendous value BUT my sign-ups are down, revenue is down, and when I poll my social media audience asking whats holding them back from joining its “money/price” so does that mean my social media audience isnt my ideal client currently, or I need to meet this objection more in my marketing efforts, or should I reduce the cost because it truly is too high and not practical?

I know when I think about my pricing I become in a “questioning” and “frustrated” state. I’m at a point where the infrastructure for my business is entirely built, and my client testimonials can bring a huge influx of clients proving this “works” but why arent they coming?! Lol I post on social media daily, meet pain points and objections, market weekly via email lists and still constantly question “what is it?! Im not doing enough? Im not speaking about the right pain point? Im charging too much?” And I’d really appreciate any insight you’d be willing to share.